515 offering

Giving to God First

What is the 515 offering?

2 Kings 5:15 says, “So please accept a gift from your servant.”

Last year, this emphasis was an answered prayer for FBC and our mission partners, who received their contributions from us, for the entire year, in January. This was before the health crisis and provided uninterrupted, critical financial support while many faith-based organizations suffered. God used your gifts in such an amazing way to be sure these important mission needs were met.

This Christmas think about the One who gave you the most, and the promise (Matt. 6:33) that if we put God first, He will take care of everything else. We are addressing these issues as a church this holiday season, and once again providing a 515 Christmas offering opportunity that will allow First Baptist to make our missions and outreach contributions for the entire year in January, if we reach our $515,000.00 goal.

Please plan to give your first and best to God, during the month of December.

If you’d like to make that gift in memory or in honor of friends or family members, that is an option. Be sure to let us know the names you’d like published as we’ll be compiling lists and making those available.

Remember, we’re giving to God first because He gave the most for us.

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