What You Can Expect

We believe no one is too young to learn about Jesus! In our Preschool ministry (ages birth-K), we strive to create the building blocks of a strong, gospel-centered foundation for our children to have a relationship with God. In our children’s ministry (grades 1-5), we continue to grow that gospel-centered foundation using age-appropriate curriculum and activities. We teach from the Scriptures and help parents teach their kids who God is and what He has done in the person and work of Jesus Christ.


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Weekly Activities

9:00am Kids Worship
10:15am Bible Study 
11:15am Kids Worship 
Worship bags are available at kids check in for children who are attending worship services.


6:30pm Bible study for all ages

Safety & Security

Volunteer Screening
All of our volunteers are required to be trained and screened which includes a background check. We maintain a strict teacher to child ratios to ensure safe care of every child.
Allergies & Medical Conditions
Please inform us if your child has any food/medical allergies or if there are any special medical conditions or behaviors that it would be helpful for us to know while your child is in our care. We want to work with you to make this a place your child will be safe and learn more about Jesus! 
Checking In
All children and volunteers must check in before entering the children’s area. Check in begins 15 minutes before an activity begins and lasts until 15 minutes after the activity begins.
Children will receive a name tag at check in to wear while in our care. Parents/guardians will receive a security tag at check in which they will need to have in order to check out their child. Security tags may be photographed and texted to another caretaker if a different person is picking up the child than who dropped off the child.
Well Child Policy
Children must be free from fever or symptoms of contagious disease for 24 hours. Please let Alex know if your child is diagnosed with a contagious disease and was at church.
Photos and videos of children are taken during class at times and will be in the church website and/or social media and on our private FirstKids Facebook group which only parents/guardians of children and teachers are allowed to join. If you do not want your child’s photo taken, please let Alex know.
Checking Out
All children must be checked out. Parents/guardians will need to show their security tag to enter the children’s area. Once at the child’s room, the security tag will be matched with the child’s name tag to check the security codes match, and the child will then be checked out by the teacher.
If the security tag is lost, the parent/guardian will need to go to the check in desk for a reprint. People requesting a reprint will need to show an ID and their name will need to be on the list of Trusted People for the family. 
To add Trusted People to a family, please contact Alex or ask the check in hosts to help you. Trusted People are anyone who the parents/guardians trust to pick up the child. If there is a situation where you need to make sure someone does not pick up your child, please contact Alex or inform a check in host so we can mark that on your family’s list. 

Special Preschool Information

We encourage parents to wait until their child has had their first round of shots before leaving infants in our care. 
We have a Mother’s Room in our preschool area for our nursing or pumping mothers to use. It is adjacent to the baby room. 
Please label everything that your child brings to church! For our babies and toddlers, we recommend bringing diapers, a change of clothes, bottles/sippy cups as needed, and a pacifier/lovey if your child uses one. Please make sure your child’s name is on each item.

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Contact Alex at [email protected] or 972-937-1940 ext. 107

First Steps operates as a ministry of First Baptist Church Waxahachie to serve you and your child.  Our program is designed to provide parents of preschoolers with part-time childcare needs, as well as nurture a child’s knowledge and understanding of God, His world, self, and others.

We offer 2-day MDO for children ages 6 weeks to PreK4 who will start kinder the following year. Our curriculum seamlessly incorporates the Godly principles and Bible stories we feel your children need to know with the PreKinder skills they will need to be successful in an elementary school environment. 

If you would like more information about First Steps, please email our Director, Mandy Daley, at [email protected] or visit our Waiting List Info page.


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