Our Story
Our Story

2019 – Vision established

2020 – Team assembled

2022 – Phase one approved in business meeting

2023 – Campaign launched

In 2020, FBC Waxahachie established a team to develop a site plan for our current campus. The team came back to the church with a fully finished build-out of our property.

This plan was then put into stages that could be built as needs arose. The first stage that the church approved being completed in 2022 was expanding our parking and finishing the second floor in the gym. By doing this project we will be able to accommodate more people, both in parking and discipleship space.

Our Goal
Our Goal

What’s the cost? $2,000,000 estimated construction cost.

After receiving $750,000 in cash and pledges, we were able to break ground on the parking lot expansion in January 2024.

Here is a look at the property and building.

Discipleship Space
Discipleship Space

This project will finish the second floor above the kitchen in the gym and include 4 new classes for discipleship.


We began with 251 parking spaces. Phase 1 of the parking lot added an additional 186 parking spaces.

Renderings of Upstairs Space:

Our Purpose

First Baptist exists to help people Find God, Be Changed and Make a Difference. For us to accomplish this vision, we must all be involved. To make our vision a reality, we must move to the next phase of expansion, by finishing the education space in the gym and creating 320 additional parking spaces so more people can hear about Jesus. The addition or these parking spaces will increase our potential capacity to accommodate up to 1,285 people at a time.

This is why our church launched a capital, fundraising campaign "SEEK and SAVE" with a goal of raising $2,000,000. This campaign will require faith and prayer as we see the amazing things God will do through our faithful FBC family.

Our church has approved that construction can begin when at least $750,000 has been received in cash and pledges. If you have not made a pledge to SEEK and SAVE, now is the time to ask how God wants you to be part of this campaign. Now is a great time to be part of this exciting opportunity at FBC Waxahachie.

Here's how you can be involved:
1) Pray for the success of the campaign and the church.
2) Ask God how you should respond.
3) Plan to respond in person with your pledge.